miércoles, 9 de enero de 2008


Misha ha recibido una mención positiva en el boletín internacional del SCBWI.

"Philip Stanton (SCBWI, Spain) - Philip wrote: I´ve just published two new books as author-illustrator, titles 5 (¡El dentista es un monstruo! - The dentist is a monster!) and 6 (Un hermano, ¿para qué? - A little brother? For what?) of the MISHA THE CAT series published in castellano by major Spanish publishing house Grupo SM. Philip adds: We´ve also developed a new website for MISHA (for the moment only the Spanish version is active) which includes sections for children (with downloads and games), and for parents and teachers. We presented both the books and the website to the press last week and I´m happy to say it was a great success.

Philip Stanton is an American artist and author based in Barcelona, Spain, director of the design group Stanton Studio, whose works include multimedia design projects and urban installations. He is also the author and illustrator of children's books published in Europe and the United States. As an illustrator of books for children and adults he has published more than 20 titles including collaborations with authors Emili Teixidor, Jordi Sierra i Fabra, Ray Bradbury, Lee Bennett Hopkins, J. Patrick Lewis, Naguib Mahfouz, Juan Carlos Martín Ramos , Tomàs Garcés and Jorge Zentner. He is the author and illustrator of “La Gata Misha,” a series of children's books published in Spain by Grupo SM. His work has been published and translated into English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Catalan, and Italian.

About Grupo SM:
* http://www.grupo-sm.com
About MISHA for children, parents, teachers:
* http://www.philipstanton.com/mishaweb
* http://philipstanton.blogspot.com
* http://stantonstudio.blogspot.com"

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